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Post Wedding Blues

Updated: Feb 1


Post wedding blues are real. After all you’ve spent 8 months to a year planning this fabulous occasion, bonding with your Vendor Team, and Bride Squad and almost in the blink of an eye.. It’s all over. The emotional high and adrenaline from constantly planning and anticipating the Big Day is over and you’re left with Post Wedding Blue. Here are 5 tips to help you navigate the feelings and move forward

  1. Acknowledge and Feel the feeling but don’t let it consume you. Talk to your partner about it because he/she may be also experiencing it.

  2. Witness it, Allow it, Release it

  3. Take a day or 2 to relax as newlyweds before leaving for your honeymoon.

  4. Fill your calendar with new romantic events to look forward to.

  5. Go on dates, walks, just spend time together outside.

  6. Plan an Anniversary trip

  7. Avoid additional major changes

  8. Don’t start the journey of home buying immediately {Trust me it’s just added stress}

  9. Don’t wait to move in together

  10. It’s okay to NOT live together, but at least complete the physical part of moving BEFORE the wedding.

  11. Talk to a professional

  12. If you’ve tried all the tips above and still can’t get outta your funk, therapy may be a good next step. A licensed therapist can give you coping tools to get you back on the right track.

Remember, feeling a bit down after all of the excitement has past is perfectly normal and does not mean that you are ungrateful or that you are regretting your marriage. It’s just an empty feeling since all of the dopamine from constantly planning and engaging with friends and family about the wedding has gone away. As I always tell my couples… Remember why you said yes and you can easily get through the rest. You’ve got this!!!!!

Our talented team can assist you in navigating all the post-wedding steps and emotions! Our services and relationship with you don't just stop after the "I Do".

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