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Live Band or DJ for your Wedding?

Updated: Oct 2, 2022

Choosing the right music entertainment can make or break your celebration. It is a personal preference that will set the tone for your reception. They both have their pros/cons, so we created a quick list of things to consider when making the decision.

Bands add a little extra magic to your wedding to get your guests excited. They are also entertaining for guests who can't dance the night away. It is still fun for them to watch the live show while sitting down. Keep in mind, a band typically requires breaks in between their sets, which may slow the mood.

A DJ who specializes in the type of music you want played at your wedding can create an ultimate festive atmosphere. DJs also have more experience being an emcee for weddings and announcing different parts of your timeline. Some DJs also offer additional add-ons such as photo booths, fog machines and up-lights which may be beneficial to bundle.


Prices for bands are significantly more than a DJ. And it can increase substantially with more band members/instruments selected. But you definitely get what you pay for! DJs are typically more affordable and do just as great of a job.


Do you have a wedding theme? Choose entertainment that matches the vibe of your theme and aesthetics.

What do you want the tone of your reception to be? High energy and crowd interaction from bands or nonstop music and hearing your favorite songs in their original form with a DJ. A live band is always a thrilling experience for guests, but typically can't perform a variety of music like DJs and will only be playing covers of songs or their original music. A band will be limited to performing songs they're comfortable playing and have practiced. However, they can add their own twists and fun on your favorite tunes.

A great DJ can read the crowd and constantly mix up the variety of music quicker than a band. They can remix songs easily and can also take requests from guests, ensuring a range of genres are played.


Check with your reception hall to make sure they have enough space to hold all the equipment pieces for the band and space for a stage, if that is requested. You also need to talk to your venue about electricity limitations and noise limitations for your desired band. DJ full sets take a lot less space, as they typically only need a table and speakers.

Questions to Ask Your DJ or Band

  1. Are you available on my wedding date?

  2. How much do you charge? How much is overtime?

  3. How long will you play?

  4. Do you accept song requests from guests?

  5. Will you accept must play / do not play song lists?

  6. Can we see a recent performance you've done?

  7. What genre of music do you typically perform? Do you know or have these songs I love?

  8. What do you typically wear?

  9. Do you include any visual effects?

  10. How do you define your style / engagement with the audience?

  11. Will you emcee?

  12. How many breaks do you typically take?

  13. Have you ever performed at a wedding?


Can't make up your mind? If it is within your budget, you could consider a live band during cocktail hour or your ceremony and a DJ for the reception. Best of both worlds that is sure to leave you with a memorable and unique experience!

Your parents will love the nostalgia from an evening of rocking out to a live band

DJs work amazing for cultural wedding celebrations! Find an experienced one in your desired genre to keep your guests hype and feeling connected to the culture all night

At the end of the day, you want your entertainment to be a reflection of who you and your spouse are, so think of that first.

We have great relationships with lots of reputable DJs and Live Bands. When you're ready to begin your planning process, reach out to us at

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