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Brazilian Weddings

Updated: Mar 15

Experiencing and learning about how different cultures celebrate weddings is so fun! A Brazilian wedding can be described as a big party where no one is sitting! They are full of color and life that is tailored to each couples' style. Continue reading below to learn more about a few Brazilian wedding traditions!

Traditional weddings can take place over an entire weekend versus just one day. There are 3 pre wedding events that center around the bride. Cha de Cozinah (kitchen shower), Cha de Lingerie (trousseau party) , and the Spa Day.

The Kitchen Shower ceremony traditionally was for just the bride and her female friends and family members. It is typically held a month before the wedding. Each guest brings a gift specifically for the bride’s kitchen. However, in recent years, the groom and his friends have been welcomed.

The Trousseau Shower is a more intimate gathering only for female friends and family of the bride that takes place a week before the wedding. This shower would represent an American bridal shower. The bride receives lingerie and other fun items for her wedding night and marriage.

The Spa day is the last event that takes place traditionally the day before the wedding. The bridal party and family ensures that the bride feels zero stress leading into her wedding.

Another pre ceremony tradition involves the bride writing all the names of her single friends on the inside hem of her white wedding dress for good luck, so they will be next to get married.

Majority of Brazilian weddings are done under Catholic tradition . The bride is always set to arrive at the ceremony customarily 10 minutes late, sometimes longer, as it is considered bad luck for the groom to see the bride before the ceremony. The bride and groom will recite vows to each after a prayer is read, then the clergyman will bless the rings and hand them to the couple to exchange. The rings are usually engraved with the name of the groom on the bride's ring and the bride's name on the grooms ring. Following the kiss, the bride and groom sign the register of the church, then their madrinhas( godmother) and padrinhos ( godfather) sign as witnesses.

The reception is full of bright colors, food, and music. The couple often has a “dawn snack” which is a very late meal about an hour before the wedding ends in addition to their main meal. A lot of Brazilian couples chose to have live attractions such as samba dancers or live music. A few traditions that take place during the reception are the cutting of the groom's tie, where the pieces are auctioned off to the wedding guest and the money is given to the couple to put towards their future. Other common traditions are the lifting of the bride's dress, lifting of the newlyweds in chairs, gifts given to the couples parents, and the giving of a “bem casado” sweet to the guest on their way out.

We hoped you enjoyed this and learned something new!

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