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5 Wedding Trends for 2023 That We Love

Updated: Jan 1

From the moment you say "I Do", you're thrown into a world of limitless wedding trends, plans, and decisions to consider for your special day. If you just got engaged this holiday season, or if you're in the process of wedding planning, take a peek at these 5 trends that we predict to be popular this upcoming year.

1. Private Last Dance

Most couples are surprised by how fast their wedding day flies. Take in the last moments of your magical day by having a final private dance to your favorite song. After the reception has ended and guests have left the room, end the night dancing and reflecting with your love. The photographer or DJ should be the only ones left in the room for this moment.

2. Destination Weddings

Destination weddings are making a strong comeback! Couples are wanting to travel from their home towns to take part in beautiful destination weddings. Destination weddings are becoming a favorite due to the ability to engage with your guests for a whole weekend, rather than only one day, in a fun and casual vacation setting. It has become a multiday experience filled with excursions, parties, activities, and bonding. Most couples also find it more simple, intimate and stress free.

3. Bold Colors

More couples are opting for bold colors and palettes that match their personality. Feel free to experiment with those styles, textures, and patterns that you would have never thought of for florals, decors and even bridesmaids dresses.

4. Interior Home Wedding Décor

Expect to see a décor trend of designers and couples incorporating décor from interior homes into their reception décor. Ditching flowers for houseplants, using rugs, lamps, and furniture that can be repurposed. The aesthetic creates a comforting and intimate environment, which lots of couples are seeking for their weddings.

5. Enhanced Guest Experience

Expect to attend weddings that feel like festive events. Millennials specifically are intending to give their guests even more incredible experiences during their wedding. From food trucks, to unique photo booths, creative entertainment during dinner, late night snacks, live musicians, mixologists, desirable favors, welcome drinks, or tasting booths such as wine tasting, we anticipate couples putting in the effort to plan an elevated and memorable experience for their friends and family.

Our talented team can help you brainstorm, create, and execute any trend or vision that you have! Contact us to book a complimentary consultation!

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